Outpatient Surgery//Minimally Invasive

We specialize in the latest proven surgical techniques for minimally invasive replacement surgery of the hip and knee performed in the outpatient setting of a "joint replacement only" ambulatory surgery center. The single focus of our center allows for a unique experience for our patients, one where the entire staff is focused on them and their success.

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Conservative treatment

We offer conservative treatments including stem cell injections and platelet rich plasma. Other conservative treatments include steroid and "gel" visco supplementation injections as well, given under ultrasound guidance as indicated.

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Our Clinic, Our mission

We specialize in same day surgery for patients who require knee and hip replacement surgery. We use the latest proven surgical and anesthetic techniques to deliver the best possible experience for our patients.

Our goal is to minimize muscle trauma and pain associated with joint replacement surgery and shorten recovery with a quick return to life, work, and action.

Not all patients may be a candidate for surgery in the ambulatory surgery center setting, but all patients can benefit from our surgical approaches and pain reducing anesthetic protocols. Those patients with significant medical conditions, that might require overnight monitoring can still be cared for by our specialized surgeons at a full service hospital where our physicians operate when needed.


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