Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Am I a candidate for outpatient joint replacement?

A recent study indicates that more than 70% of those over 65, and a larger percentage of those younger than 65 are safe candidates for joint replacement on an outpatient basis at an ASC. Patient medical status and the stability of medical problems determine candidacy.

What do I need to do before surgery?

Pre surgical consultation with our team after appropriate conservative treatment and pre surgical rehabilitation with physical therapy is essential to maximize the best recovery after surgery.

What can I try for treatment to avoid surgery?

Conservative treatment for arthritic knees and hips includes medications, injections, rest, physical therapy, activity modification, walking aides, braces, etc...

We offer a wide array of potential treatments to delay replacement of your joint including all of the above as well as stem cell and platelet rich plasma injections.

How is the surgery and anesthesia different with outpatient surgery?

Patients receive a series of medications before, during and after surgery, to help prevent nausea and pain rather than treat these problems once they occur. The anesthesia is shorter acting allowing patients to get up quickly after surgery, eliminating the need for a urinary catheter, thereby decreasing infection risk, and minimizing the potential for blood clot formation due to early mobilization.