Pre-surgical visits: Injections

Patients seen in our clinic by our staff who are ready for surgery, are offered same day or, if they prefer, next day surgery consults with our surgeons.

For those not ready for surgery, we have a full offering of injections that can help the symptoms of knee and hip arthritis. This can allow patients to delay surgery and maintain their regular activities, hoping to "buy time" before replacement surgery. Injections are administered under ultrasound guidance.

Steroids "cortisone"

Visco supplementation also called "gel shots" "chicken or rooster comb shots" "lube shots"

Stem cells

Platelet Rich Plasma

Partial and Total Knee Replacement

We specialize in the latest minimally invasive proven approaches to knee replacement whether partial replacement (one part of the knee) or total knee replacement.

In your surgery, we use a GPS device, much like the one in most cars and smartphones. The application of this technology to joint replacement is at the cutting edge and allows the surgeon to custom place your new knee in the perfect location for your specific anatomy. There is no need for expensive MRI or CT scans prior to surgery. This helps save healthcare dollars for our already strained system.

Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery is one of the best, if not THE best pain relieving replacement of all.  It has been modified lately to minimize trauma and speed recovery so that many patients spend days out of work rather than weeks or months.

Our specialists accomplish this through small incisions, 3-4 inches in most cases, and recreate natural joint function, allowing full motion of the hip immediately after surgery.

No limitations or "precautions" are in place after surgery due to the limited release of muscles, speeding recovery.

Destination Surgery


Our location in the beautiful Tampa bay area makes our center a destination for joint replacement tourism. Minutes from Tampa International Airport and our local famous beaches. Come and escape the colder winters, ice and snow. After your replacement, recover in one of our nearby partnered resort hotels. We have arranged discounted rates for our patients and their families. Numerous amenities and activities can be enjoyed by patients and families during your stay with us.

Our Team:

Our center is proud to provide the very best in nursing services throughout your brief course of care at our center. Their attention to detail and patient centered care is tailored to each unique patient,  ensuring the best management of pain and prevention of nausea that can occur after surgery. They will also provide you with guidance regarding mobilization and post surgical exercises, preparing you for your first outpatient physical therapy visit 1-2 days after your surgery.

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